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Utolsó Frissítés: 28/11/2014
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For Debutantes & Partners
$20 package (1 group, 1 couple, 1 other)
$5 per photo thereafter

Other guests
$10 first photo, $5 per photo thereafter
Note: All photos will be A5 size (5 x 7)

Video of event also available for $15
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I will be paying via one of the following options:
BSB:062 229   ACCOUNT:10021488
Enter Surname & Postcode as reference when making payment.

Please send email confirmation of payment to 
Cheque / Money Order
108 Newton Road, Strathfield NSW 2135

Cash / Cheque / Money Order
Scout Hall on Saturday's at Melville Reserve
Hampstead Road, Homebush West
2.30-4.30pm during school terms
Ask for the treasurer - Michael Korompay
Photos will not be processed or mailed until payment is received in full!
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NB: If more than 40 photos are required, please submit your first order, then continue with a second order separately.
Please choose your photos carefully by noting down the photo numbers then fill out the fields below and click on the SUBMIT button to send your order. If multiples of one photo are required, enter the photo number in multiple fields. For example, if you want 3 copies of photo number 7467, enter 7467 in three separate fields below.
Photos can be ordered by filling out and submitting the form below:
Please note that photos will only be available for order till 1 September, 2014
Photos will be mailed within 21 days from date of order.  Thank You for your purchase and support!
Please note:

All profits from the sale of 5x7in (A5 size) photos will be donated to the scout groups as part of their continuing fund raising efforts. Every photo purchased is a donation to the scout groups. 

Many thanks to our photographer Tobie Harsh for his most generous support.
All larger photograph prints or special printing (e.g. Silver Gelatin, Cyanotype, Bromoil, etc. must be price quoted directly.  Please contact us via email: feher.rozsa.bal@gmail.com
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